Data: Pax for Peace Amidst the Debris
Data file type: JSON
Developed with: p5.js javascript library
Design and coding developed by me
As part of my thesis research "Interactive Data Visualization, applications used to illuminate the environmental effects of the Syrian War" I developed a web application. I coded this web application to provide a simpler tool. 
This application is a basic prototype, simply communicates the concept idea. It has bugs to fix (like the text overlap on top) and more interaction to introduce to this interface. However, it does the job for now.
It was a very interesting experience to work with JSON file format. It took a lot of trials to understand the variable classifications. 
About the Interface
In this interface, connections between 5 variables are visualized using color coding and interactive line connections. The listed Critical Infrastructure or Production Facilities are currently destroyed in Syria. Destructed facilities release Substances to environment which cause certain Hazard Risks in several Cities of Syria.
This interface promises 2 different opportunities. Using more visual and textual context, it can be adapted to a data journalism approach. Primarily, it is a tool which might be used by subject matter experts on war and environment studies to discuss certain destruction patterns and environmental risks.
To view the interactive project click on the link. 
All connections between data points are displayed.
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