Purpose & Goal
Responsive system creation
• Manipulation and connection of data (sound, motion, video, etc.)
• The creation of an interactive work using the calculations and matrix of the systems in real time
• Control and manipulate different variables like time, speed, motion and calculate the values to get reliable results
I collaborated on an interactive prototype with Kimberly Wilczak (MFA in Dance in Ohio 
State University)
I worked on developing an interactive prototype using the calculations and matrix of the movement in time together.
• Processing the data in real time and translating it to different mediums (using camera feed, sound, drawing tools etc.)
Project Summary

The installation is formed with live camera and Kinect feed on MAX MSP.
The purpose of the project is visualizing the traces permanently that movement leaves behind. The layers of movement visuals are added on top of each other.
Also thickness and color of the line on the middle screen varies based on the movement speed.
Left screen shows the depth map and overlaps images according to the height of the contributer.
Image 1. Live feed. The image is generated by the added the live feed that overwritten constantly. It shows the traces of movement that is left behind.
Image 2. Screen shot from the visual programming software (MAX MSP patch). 
Image 3. Dancers performing. The traces are recorded, visible on the screen.
Image 4. Depth mapping and video streaming (on the right). Line color and thickness change by values taken by the 
movement feed.
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