¿Que Pasa, Ohio State? Magazine Design
Book Cover
A book cover design, content is about Design Issues. Essays, infographics and statistics about education system. This is a group class project, therefore the cover is designed with the portrait photographs of classmates.
Information Design
Data Visualization for inspirational reading lists. A class project that is aimed to inspire juniors with the lists that are choosen by seniors.
Booklet Design
An informative booklet design about Rubik's cube. A typographic design project, topics and page numbering designed with handwriting. Also illustrations and coloring are made by acrylic paint.
Facade Design for "Cinnah'19" Building
An installation for the building located in Cinnah Street, Ankara - Turkey that is designed by the architect Nejat Ersin. There is a statement underlines the modernity of building, which is “Disrupt the perception.” It breaks the perception about the aesthetical and structural inabilities about the general architectural structures in Turkey.
Surfboard Design
Creating bottom of the boards, assuming that animals could really speak and read. Here is the messages that fish could read. The task is to communicate with them and giving messages. By choosing saturated, vivid colors that might take attention of the fishes, created the bottom of the surfboards.
Summer Theme Design: Mahalo Coffee Shop
Item design for Mahalo Coffee Shop. I developed the design when I was working in GeoMIM Design & Architecture company.
A cookbook cover & spread designed and illustrated according to the characteristic features of Art Nouveau style.
Code-Based Poster
Poster design for the promotion of Typographic Design and Theories course. This is a code-based project, which means with the written code below, 3 different person wrote a statement about the keyword "stain". There are three layers made by irrelevant people by visualizing the code written by me. I did not take part while others applying the code. The code for visual design: 1. Splash ink drops on a piece of fabric 2. Take a ruler and draw lines between the ink dots that you choose randomly 3. With this line write the statement (which is "They are the proof of something was there and no longer is") 4. Take another fabric and a cup of coffee 5. Pour the cup of coffee in order to get the coffee stain. After that I multiply the layers and organize the body text.
Myriad Typeface Poster
Poster design with using the information about the Myriad typeface
Menu Design for "Fair&Square"
Menu design for the "Fair&Square" restaurant, two options for beef and chicken foods.
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